Domestic Services

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Domestic Services

Registered Mail

Registered mail is a secure and traceable way to send important documents, valuable items, or confidential materials through the Belize Postal Service. It provides peace of mind by offering enhanced tracking and delivery confirmation. Here's how you can use registered mail effectively.

Steps To Take

1. Prepare Your Mail: Package and address your item accurately.
2.Visit the Post Office: Go to the nearest Belize Post Office branch.
3. Complete Registration Form: Fill out a form with sender, recipient, and item details.
4. Pay for Registration: Pay the registration fee based on the item's size and value.
5. Receive a Receipt: Get a receipt with a unique registration number.
6. Track Your Mail: Use the number to track delivery progress online.
7. Proof of Delivery: The recipient signs for the mail, confirming delivery.
8.Keep Receipt Safe: Store the receipt for inquiries or claims.