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International Services

Parcel Post

Belize Postal Service makes it easy to send international parcels to friends, family, or clients worldwide. It is easy to send parcels to anywhere in the world with the Belize Postal International Parcel Service. Here's a simple guide to get you started:

Quick Guide

  1. Prepare Your Parcel: Carefully pack your items in a sturdy box or envelope, ensuring they are well-protected during transit.
  2. Address Clearly: Clearly write the recipient's name and complete address on the parcel. Include your return address in case it needs to be returned or if there are delivery issues.
  3. Weigh and Measure: Visit your nearest Belize Postal Service branch to have your parcel weighed and measured. This determines the postage cost.
  4. Choose Postage Options: Select the postage option that best suits your needs, considering factors like delivery speed and tracking.
  5. Affix Postage and Customs Forms: Attach the appropriate postage to your parcel. For international shipping, you may need to complete customs forms; the postal staff can assist you with this.
  6. Drop Off or Schedule Pickup: You can either drop off your parcel at the Post Office or schedule a pickup if available in your area.
  7. Track Your Parcel: Use the provided tracking number to monitor your parcel's journey online. This feature provides real-time updates on its status and location.
  8. Arrival and Delivery: Your parcel will be processed through international customs and delivered to the recipient's address. Delivery times may vary depending on the destination and the postage option selected.
  9. Keep Receipt and Tracking Info: Hold on to your shipping receipt and tracking information for reference. It's useful for inquiries or if you need to trace your parcel's progress.