Company Profile

Pioneering the industry in Belize, and delivering value products within given timeframe, every single time.

Our Mission

To provide quality, fast, and innovative postal solutions to our Belizean Citizen. We do this through customer-focused employees, team building and digital transformation. Whilst providing best customer experience to our value customers.

Our Vision

To be Belizeans first choice, and trusted in the provision of postal services, while transforming Belize’s Post Office into the Digital realm with its quality solutions from well-trained employees.

We Are Not Just a Team, We Are a Family.

Our Company History.

Establishment of the Belize Post Office

  • In a memorandum dated 7th January 1830, the Superintendent of the Settlement informed the Magistrates about the establishment of a Post Office in Belize.
  • Purpose: A British Mexican Pocket (Ship) would make regular calls to transport mails.
  • Captain Moriaty of the 2nd West Regiment was appointed as the person responsible for all such mails.
  • Official date of the establishment: 7th January 1830.

Historical Challenges

  • Belize City Post Office faced challenges, particularly disastrous fires.
  • Originally housed in the court House, it was destroyed on Regent Street in 1909.
  • On the evening of Saturday, 17 August 1918, a fire broke out, destroying the General Post Office and all its equipment.
  • Temporary relocation to Albert Street until the new Post Office was erected in the 1930s.‍

Relocation and Destruction

  • In the 1940s, the Post Office moved to its present site and was housed in the Paslow Building.
  • The Paslow Building was destroyed in a fire in September 2002.
  • The Post Office then took up full residence in the Biddles Building where only the Parcel Office was housed.
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