Domestic Services

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Domestic Services

Parcel Post

Parcel post is an affordable and reliable service offered by Belize Postal Service for the shipping of packages that cannot be sent by regular letter post.  Items weighing 2 kilograms or more can be shipped using Parcel Post. International shipments using Parcel Post can take between seven to fourteen working days depending on the country of destination.

Main Features of Parcel Post Include:

Acceptance at any post office

Parcels are accepted at any post office location throughout the Districts and Cayes.

Competitive Rates

Parcel rates offer the most cost-effective method of mailing of documents or parcels internationally. Documents and articles can also be sent together, adding more convenience for customers.

End-to-end tracking

With the tracking number provided you can track your package from point of origin to receiving country.

Package Eligible for Parcel Post delivery include:
Household goods
Herbal Drinks/wines
Dried foods
Dried herbs and barks (provided the necessary permits are provided)
Items Not Eligible for Parcel Post delivery include:
Flammable liquids
Items containing batteries
Instruments with blades